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  • Some data are missing on iOS 10?

Following data on iOS 10 can’t be access:

  1. Battery cycles
  2. Battery temperature
  3. Discharge / charge current
  4. Charging current

Apple has removed this data from iOS 10. Now we are trying to find out other solution but it may take a while.

Some reason, we update the screenshot so late, some people may think we are liar. Now, We do apology to everyone, please forgive us and don’t rate 1 star on Battery Care. Thank you!


  • APP with advertising?

The APP seems simple, but also we spend a lot of time to create, the amount of advertising has been reduced a lot, but also remove the Banner advertising. It need some AD to keep maintain this APP.


  • Today widget need $0.99USD?

Because some people responded that every time you want to see the information must be open APP, so if there have a today widget they will pay for it! ok….

Battery Care – FAQ